Command line interfaceΒΆ

The command line interface allows to perform calculations by submitting a query file. The output is then written in files in a folder specified as a parameter.

A typical call looks like this:

./tucucli -d <drugPath> -i <inputFile> -o <outputPath>

The help is displayed by calling

./tucucli --Help

The input file and the output folder are mandatory. The input file is a full query, as specified by file xml_query.xsd. This file can be found in test/data/queries .

The drug path is optional, and allows to specify the folder in which the drug files are located. If unspecified, the drug files are supposed to be in <app_folder>/drugs2.

A query corresponds to the specification of Nadir’s bachelor thesis.

The output folder shall exist prior to the execution of tucucli. It will be populated with a single file per request, as a query can contain more than one request. The name of each file is <query_id>_<request_id>.xml. It allows to create testcases for automated tests.