Tucuxi Drug File Editor

With this tool, you can load an existing Tucuxi drug file by uploading it below or start with an existing template.
Be careful, the editor is still under development. It is reasonable to keep a version of your original drug file when you save the one you are editing.
There is no undo/redo functionality, so do not forget to save you work regularly.
When your cursor passes on a tag, depending on the tag, some info will pop-up.
When clicking on a tag, some actions (e.g. adding something, removing something) are available.
The documentation of the format and the meaning of all the fields can be found here.

Option 1 : Start from a template

Option 2 : Work on your own drug file

Now, you may edit informations. At the end of modifications, you can submit and save your edited drug file.
Press on the Check file button to check more deeply the file you are currently editing. While the editor shows you some warnings, the checker will challenge the field you entered as if it was Tucuxi itself.

Save file